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Dr. Kurt Ver Helst has written two books in Ames IA that can help you regain your health! Use the links below to order your copies today.

Dr. Kurt Ver Helst has dedicated his life to helping others improve their health and vitality and live a pain-free life. It was the natural progression of various educational and life experiences that allowed Dr. Ver Helst to gain a deeper understanding of what people are seeking when it comes to living a healthy and vital life. Dr. Ver Helst’s resilient desire to continue learning and improving his skills has led him to share his simple but powerful steps to living a vibrant life.

Resources for Functional Medicine and Chiropractic in Ames IA

Your Health Blueprint: A Simple Guide To Functional Medicine

In this powerful resource, you'll learn:

  • The science of functional medicine and how its understanding can revolutionize your health.
  • The devastating effect that sugar has on inflammation and your ability to live a pain-free life.
  • The source of auto-immunity and how to reverse it and reclaim your health!
  • How the opioid epidemic started and how you can avoid the trap of pain pill dependency.
  • The importance of epigenetics and how it can take your health and energy to the next level!
  • Why so many people are sick and suffering from pain in a failing healthcare model, and how do we snap out of it?
  • How mislabeling symptoms as "common" may be destroying your health.
  • How to tap into the inner healer within through the power of intermittent fasting.
  • The link between gluten and chronic conditions.

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How To Get Your Life Back: A Powerful Approach To Living

In this powerful resource, you'll learn:

  • The truth about chiropractic and how it can dramatically improve the quality of your life.
  • The importance of your nervous system for living a healthy, pain-free life.
  • How to naturally slow down the degenerative changes in your body.
  • The true cause of headaches and how the power of chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate them.
  • The truth about how you heal and what to expect with the process.
  • How mislabeling symptoms as "common" may be destroying your health.
  • Why you should care how well your nervous system is functioning, and how that relates to your health status.
  • The power of prenatal chiropractic care and its impact on motherhood.
  • How to get out of the downward spiral and move into a vibrant and healthy lifestyle!