Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Ver Helst has been treating me for over 20 years. I sustained a permanent injury from a car accident when I was 19. I STARTED with a different chiropractor and I could tell that he was only having me come in to get as much money from me as he could, with absolutely NO RELIEF. Dr Ver Helst will not do that. (Even my attorney from my accident went to him after getting bucked off of a horse and said that he was surprised he didn't ask him to repeatedly come back, forever changing his opinion of chiropractors.) Dr. Ver Helst has treated me for all kinds of things; from various illnesses (to speed up recovery time & adjust my subluxated ribs, my neck to relieve congestion, and my lower back to get my adrenals working ), an accident involving a dislocated toe, acute torticollis, (-if you don't know what this is, consider yourself lucky. The ER doctor said chiropractors are the only ones that can fix this condition. It is PAINFUL. ) and the typical pressure headaches, migraines, and all over body aches anywhere from the every day things you do to the outright STUPID things you do. He can fix you right up!"

- Debra Z.

"I have been to a number of Chiropractiors around central iowa but Ver Helst has to be one of the best. He focuses on rapidly fixing the problem. his normal sessions are very quick as he boils down your problem in a through exam then gets it fixed and gets you feeling better. Plus the staff are friendly, fun, and helpful. And to top it all off its fairly cheap when your paying out of pocket."

- Cody B.

"I am a firm believer in Chiropractic and do tend to lean towards a more natural holistic and non-invasive medical approach. I am a sufferer of Chronic migraines and coupled with low back pains resulting from years of running for sport and during my time in the Army. I have knee issues, which of course works its way up and effects my hips and lower back. Dr. Kurt VH carefully assessed my current needs and began a treatment plan for both issues. I am happy to say my Migraines are better controlled the last 6 months then they have been in years! I take my Migraine meds much less often and my daily quality and productivity are much better. I would and have recommend Dr. Kurt and his associates anytime!"

- Toni M.

“Always fixes the problem, no matter how complex. Thanks, Kurt!”

- Ryan M.

“Dr Ver Helst is Great. He relieved the pain in my hip almost immediately.”

- Deanna S.

“Doc Kurt is amazing, he has been adjusting my whole family for my whole life.”

- Danielle B.

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