Chiropractor Kurt Ver Helst D.C.


Dr. Kurt's passion for becoming a doctor of chiropractic came when he was a sophomore and had injured his back playing baseball. His mother sent him to a chiropractor who was able to help Kurt's back. Through his treatment, he noticed his batting average increased as well as his overall being. He was completely impressed with all this doctor was able to do that he wanted to have the ability to naturally help people with his HANDS!! And that is how Dr. Kurt Ver Helst found his calling.

Dr. Kurt received his education from Pella Community High School following his undergraduate study at Central University of Iowa. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. Dr. Kurt's personal mission is to care for others by always putting their needs first. Dr. Kurt would like to leave you with this final thought: "Live life like it matters…and IT WILL!!"


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"Always fixes the problem, no matter how complex. Thanks, Kurt!"

- Ryan M.

"Dr Ver Helst is Great. He relieved the pain in my hip almost immediately."

- Deanna S.

"Doc Kurt is amazing, he has been adjusting my whole family for my whole life."

- Danielle B.